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JCCI parter learning forum on sustainable agriculture

The youth eco-club in Chambok has only existed for about a year, but has already set up vegetable farming plots, a seedling nursery and taken the initiative for village cleaning days and better garbage disposal. The members of the club have also gotten involved to support community forestry patrolling and demarcation activities. Not only has the local environment improved, but getting organized has also improved the solidarity between youth in the different villages in the district. Chin, a village team leader of the club, says: “I joined because I wanted to get knowledge and information from outside, and be able to share that with the people in my village”. The youth eco-club is supported by Khmer Youth and Social Development (KYSD), a Forum Syd partner. KYSD trains and mentors the youth club, and has also placed a volunteer with rural development technical skills in the village,

The Khmer Youth Association (KYA) organizes Youth Networks all over Cambodia. In Kampong Cham province there are five active community youth networks. The members of all five networks came together to organize an awareness campaign, spreading messages from the youth networks’ agenda to people in Prey Chor district. Each youth network also met with local authorities to raise their issues and ask questions. Their concerns included problems caused by gambling, poor attitudes of staff at the local health center, the commune’s possibility to support construction of latrines and the presence in the commune of recruiters from a company involved in human trafficking to Thailand. Representatives from the commune council, police, health center and local temple answered. The commune council took the opportunity to inform about the importance of safe maternal care and delivery care at the health center rather than using traditional midwives. A commune councilor testified: “We like to work with youth. They have a lot of energy and are dynamic in spreading information to others in the village. Here in our commune, we have added four extra points to the national local safety programme, because of good suggestions from the youth and the local people.”

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